$403 Raised!
Thanks Mona and Dick!!!
The Owners of Whistle Stop Co-op (Mona & Dick)

Home Base: Othello Neighborhood, Seattle

Favorite Undriving Mode: “Combining bicycling with public transit. Light rail is our favorite transit mode, but we also use buses, Amtrak, and ferries. We believe bike plus transit is often more efficient and convenient than driving, to say nothing of a lot more fun.”

Undriving Pet Peeve: Mona: “When I get greedy at the grocery store and buy more stuff than my bike can comfortably carry.” Dick: “When I have to use the car to pick up large amounts of wholesale goods for our new coffee shop. (I have been driving too much since we opened our business.)”

Our Undriving Story So Far: “Our stories are similar but somewhat different:  MONA has not driven a car since November 1999. She has no desire to drive, in fact feels sorry for people who drive. The most fun in Mona’s life is getting where she needs to go. She likes getting out, seeing things, getting exercise, and meeting people along the way.

DICK has a car that he only uses as very last resort. He even goes on hiking trips high in the mountains using buses, bike, and trains to get to trailheads or from one end of his hiking loop to the other.
We are long-standing Undrivers. We have both commuted to work by bike or bus most of our lives. Dick’s undriving is a lifelong habit – he even biked to elementary school!”

Our Undriving Big Pledge: “Our pledge is to host an Undriving event. People who get licensed will, with their permission, have their photos displayed at Whistle Stop Co-Op – Beverages, Bagels, and Bikes. This is the coffee and bicycle shop we have just opened beside the Othello light rail station in SE Seattle. The purpose of the shop is to build community and to get people out of their cars – walking, biking, and using public transportation. Bus number eight stops right in front of the shop, so does Link Light Rail. There are Metro bike lockers and bike racks right next to the shop. We made a cozy gathering place so people will be able to come in and refresh themselves with good coffee and food while having their bikes fixed. “

31 days of Undriving await you. What will the best part of the coming month be? “Watching the light of recognition in people’s eyes as they become aware that there is a better way for the planet, for our community, for their quality of life, than being caged inside of an automobile.”

Why should your friends join you in donating to Undriving? “These funds will be used to expand and promote Undriving in other communities. The more people who are committed to Undriving, the more society’s infrastructure will change to encourage forms of transportation that are less alienating and kinder to the earth.”

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We believe in the power of Undriving to change habits that could change our world.
By donating this fall, you’ll help us bring the program to cities across the nation. Check out our Undrive-a-thon participants and support your favorite/s in the month of October!

Meet the 2013 Participants:

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