Undriving to Undrive: Walk-Paddle-Walk

July 28, 2010 by  
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Kayaks are big bulky things to move about – you need a car for that, right?

Wrong!  I was bicycling on the Burke-Gilman Trail near Fremont this week when I came upon this man out walking his kayak (with the help of a little trailer).   Of course I stopped to talk with him.

Jeremy enjoys paddling around in the Ship Canal and Lake Union, and it’s an easy 15-minute walk from his home to the dock in Fremont.  In this hot summer weather he’s been going out on the water 4 times a week.

Being car-free has never kept Jeremy from kayaking. This is his second car-free kayak setup – previously he had an inflatable kayak that he could put in his backpack with its pump, then hop on his bike and head to the water!

I love how Undrivers show me the blind spots in my own thinking day after day.  Hmm… there’s a boat ramp not far from my house, too – maybe I’ll get me a kayak!  -Julia Field

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