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The Undriver Licensing Station™ visited Tilden School in West Seattle on Sept 30!  Ms. Karin’s 5th grade class is focusing on environmental education this month, and making an Undriving pledge gave the students a great opportunity to see how their daily actions affect the whole planet.

Here’s a sample of the great Undriving pledges the kids made:

“To walk home twice a week through any type of weather.” – Celia

“Walk or bike to soccer practice.” -Brendan

“Bike to the grocery store instead of driving there.” -Amelia

“Park the car a little ways from school and scooter the rest of the way.” -Tess

“My family will walk to the market.” -Sophia

Undriving’s Julia Field and Mel Burchett talked with the kids about bike and walk safety, then got each student licensed.  They were all over the photo props and very proud of their licenses:

Thanks for Undriving, Tilden 5th Graders!

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