Undriving the Undriver Licensing Station

October 15, 2011 by  
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True confessions: Undriving to Undriving events is a challenge we don’t always accomplish.  (Making the Undriver Licensing Station™ more portable is one of our many works-in-progress!)  However, for Moving Planet Seattle on Sept. 24th, we were determined – so Natacha and I bused it, then hoofed it, with all the stuff pictured here.

When you board a bus with a 3×4-foot Undriver License™, conversations seem to start themselves! What’s that; where are you going?  Everyone on the bus learned about Moving Planet and Undriving.org.

The bus driver chimed in with regret that he couldn’t be an Undriver, because he drove every day (the bus!). We assured him he was certainly an Undriver – because he was making it possible for every passenger to not be in a car!  We all chimed in to thank him for Undriving us to our destinations.

As we wrestled our stuff off the bus, the driver wished a great day, and said he’d tell all his passengers about the Moving Planet event.  Woulda missed this if driving!  – Julia Field

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