Undriving by Cab?

Today I was heading to the Greyhound Station, to catch a bus to Leavenworth where I’ll be presenting and doing Undriver LIcensing™. Could I wrestle all my stuff to the Metro bus stop? Probably, but I opted for a cab instead. (Sometimes a cab is a useful part of an Undriving journey!)

Cab rides can range from functional to fascinating. This morning’s driver has been driving a cab for 35 years and has seen it all. I learned what my neighb was like back in the day, how the cab biz works, and that his longest fare was to Vancouver BC, back when it was possible to cross the border in a cab.

Starting my day with a interesting conversation, with someone I would otherwise likely never meet, was a great reminder of the many ways Undriving connects us and opens us up to the unexpected. I woulda missed this if driving!

Now I’m settling in with my laptop on the comfy bus, to polish off my presentation while watching the scenery go by. -Julia Field

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