Undriver rides coast to coast in Velomobile!

September 21, 2011 by  
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Meet Undriver Thomas Traber of Munich, Germany – he pedaled his velomobile across the country, sporting his Undriver License™ the whole way! Imagine a pod of these three-wheeled recumbent “bikes” covered with fiberglass shells, rolling down the backroads near you…

“I got my Undriver License at Portland’s July Sunday Parkways. I was in Portland, OR for the start of the Roll Over America Velomobile Tour (ROAM2011) – a coast-to-coast ride of 35 to 50 velomobiles with the intention to promote cycling and velomobiling. Therefore I pledged to tell the people I met about Undriving and the importance of sustainable transport. The best occasion for that was at MacDonald Pass in Montana, when I was interviewed by a reporter of the local newspaper. At least the last sentence of the newspaper article contained the message. ‘You don’t always need to drive your car!’

Check out the news story here.  Thanks, Thomas, for Undriving!

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