Undrive-a-Thon Day 10

October 10, 2011 by  
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OMG – we’re a third of the way through October – and I have $450 left to raise of my $500 fundraising goal!  I’ve made progress on my Undriving Pledge: Nordstrom PROMISES to add transit and walking (and maybe biking?) directions to their website this fall.  But I need to stop being shy about asking my friends (that would be YOU!)  to support Undriving with CASH!

Why should my friends support Undriving? I’m a nurse.  I love Undriving because I believe our society’s dependence on driving is a public health disaster.  Undriving helps people conquer their addiction to cars by issuing Undriver Licenses to people who pledge to change their driving habits for one month.  72% of 8,000 existing Undrivers report making long-term changes as a result of their Undriving pledge.

Undriving’s first official Licensing Partner, Intercity Transit in Olympia, Washington, is successfully using Undriving in their work in schools, workplaces and the community.

The money we raise in the Undrive-a-Thon will allow Undriving to expand its partnership program.  More Licensing Partners = more Undrivers = better health, cleaner air, less traffic for all.

Support Undriving – and support my Undrive-a-Thon goal – by clicking on the Donate button and donating any amount you’re able.

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