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Undrive-a-thon 2013

Big Goal:



Help Fuel Undriving into the Future!  Undriving™ is a non-profit organization that reduces car use by issuing Undriver Licenses™ to people who make a personal pledge to change their driving habits for one month.

Undriving Gets Results:  Of the 12,000+ Undrivers licensed since the program’s inception in 2007, 72% report establishing a lasting new transportation habit as a result of the pledge. Undriving proves that by activating people’s curiosity and resourcefulness, individual behavior change and car-free transportation choices can – and will – occur.

This fundraiser comes at a pivotal time for Undriving.  After six years of developing this innovative program and proving its effectiveness, we are well positioned to license it to organizations that have a mandate to reduce car use. Our first Official Licensing Partner, Intercity Transit in Olympia, WA, has successfully been using Undriver Licensing™ in their work in schools, workplaces, and the community, for the past three years. This year, Sound Transit, a three-county Puget Sound agency, added Undriver Licensing to their customer outreach strategy, and licensed over 1,600 Undrivers in their first three months!

More Licensing Partners = more Undrivers = better health, cleaner air, reduced traffic and less impact on our planet!

Thanks for Undriving, and for your support!