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Thanks Levines!!!
The Levine Family

Home Base: The vortex of Ballard, Fremont and Phinney Ridge. Officially East Ballard according to walkscore.org, Seattle baby!

Favorite Undriving Mode: “Any Undriving with Beija. She loves to show off her license (or chew on it)!”

Undriving Pet Peeve: “Forgetting to charge our bike lights.”

Our Undriving Story So Far: “Mike and I met at work and I was immediately intrigued by this fellow bike-commuter in tattered KEXP t-shirts. He might have been intrigued by something else, but no matter… Fast forward: marriage, beautiful baby (who holds the title of youngest licensed Undriver) and a mutual commitment to something we both love and enjoy on so many levels.”

Our Undriving Big Pledge: “The plan was to go completely car-free for the month, but Mike has some last-minute (and unavoidable) work travel in October. So! He’ll be getting on a plane and we’ll upping our pledge to include: Talk to 1 stranger a day about Undriving (or 31 total by the end of the month); Carry Undriving pledge forms; encourage friends to Undrive to our house by offering to make a donation to Undriving in their honor; and exploring some WA, OR, or Canada locations by bus or train. Can we get to Camano Island State Park by bus? We intend to find out!”

31 days of Undriving await you. What will the best part of the coming month be? “The slower pace that is inevitable for us with a car-fast. We’re also looking forward to November 1st, when we can look back at our month-long blog of Beija pictures.”

Why should your friends join you in donating to Undriving?
“Cynthia: As the president of the board, I am a bit biased, but Undriving is way more fun than saying car-trip reduction program! Seriously, this is one of the secrets to Undriving’s success. But let’s back up a bit…

In just four years, Undriving has gone from a lightbulb idea to a mostly event-based organization to an org that’s poised to expand outside of our home base of Seattle. In fact, we are. Intercity Transit in Olympia, WA became our Founding Licensing Partner in March 2011. To quote Intercity’s marketing director, “Undriving is becoming our public face.” Wow!

Your financial support is vital to us at this stage. We’re in that in-between land of proof-of-concept and growth potential. All donations this year will go towards further development and enhancements of the kit.

I hope you’ll join my family and all the other participants with a donation to Undriving and follow along as we Undrive our way through this month!

Read on for more from Mike, Cynthia & Beija!

We believe in the power of Undriving to change habits that could change our world.
By donating this fall, you’ll help us bring the program to cities across the nation. Check out our Undrive-a-thon participants and support your favorite/s in the month of October!

Meet the 2013 Participants:

Jenny Heins John Mixon Jodi Newton Nikola Davidson Tara O'Brien