A Family Walk with Table and Chairs

June 25, 2013 by  
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I was out in my yard gardening, when… a table and two chairs walked by!  Setting down my shovel, I got the scoop: After brunch out with her parents, this young woman had found a great set for her kitchen at the consignment store nearby. She considered having it delivered, and going home for her […]

Hatch Cover Art!

I was walking around Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood one day and happened to notice that several hatch covers had very intricate designs.  Apparently, the City of Seattle has actually commissioned several artists over the years to design “hatch cover art” and these can be found in neighborhoods all over the city.  Some even have street […]

City Garden Fungi

On a whim, I decided to take a short detour through a p-patch (community garden) while running errands on foot in my neighborhood last week.  And what did I find there?  TOADSTOOLS! [Folks, these are NOT edible!]  I found  hundreds of them growing in clusters and rings, dotting the tomato patch, and hiding behind onion […]

sidewalk…. lost?

October 10, 2011 by  
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  How does a sidewalk get lost? This sign got annotated with one of the many political musings that I often stumble upon whilst Undriving in the Capitol Hill neighborhood:  “Sidewalk lost… to the violent cacophony of another nail in the coffin of Capitol Hill”.  Woulda missed this if driving! -Mel   Support Undriving: October […]

Undriver #5,283: Michael A. Smith: Urban Hiker

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When Michael Smith first moved to Seattle in 2008, he’d go hiking in the Cascades.  “I got tired of driving an hour each way to enjoy a hike,” he said.  “Seattle’s got plenty of hills,” he reasoned.  Why not hike there, and get to know his new city while skipping all that stressful car travel? […]