An (almost) Carfree Family

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We met this (almost) car-free family at the Ballard Neighborhood Greenways event where they got their Undriver Licenses™ in fall, 2013. The whole family goes almost everywhere on bikes. Sara Daum tells us their story: What did you pledge for your Undriving pledge month?  “We pledged as a family. None of us drove at all […]

Family Biking on Ballard’s Neighborhood Greenway

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Kristie Thompson and family got licensed in September, 2013, at the ribbon-cutting party for the Ballard Neighborhood Greenway – part of a growing network of neighborhood greenways in Seattle.  Here’s their story! What was your Undriving™ pledge? “We pledged as a family – to bike the kids to school.” How’s it going with Undriving? “I […]

A Family Walk with Table and Chairs

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I was out in my yard gardening, when… a table and two chairs walked by!  Setting down my shovel, I got the scoop: After brunch out with her parents, this young woman had found a great set for her kitchen at the consignment store nearby. She considered having it delivered, and going home for her […]

Tom Armstrong: “If I can bicycle, I bicycle.”

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We met Undriver™ Tom Armstrong on the Undriving™ Facebook page, and got curious about the back-story on this bike-riding handyman.  Undriver Mary Davies got the scoop! “If I can bicycle, I bicycle.” – Sir David Attenborough That’s how Louisville, KY, Undriver Tom Armstrong signs his emails. And it describes his undriving life pretty well. He’s […]

Undriving™ at Tilden School – Fall 2012

November 30, 2012 by  
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In late September, the Undriver Licensing™ Station visited Tilden School in West Seattle.  5th Grade Teacher Karin had prepped the whole school, so we were eagerly awaited by students in every grade – Kindergarten through 5th!  The students had all taken home pledge forms, and the families had each designed their own Undriving experiment for […]

Semi-finalist in SIFP 2012; 1K Audience Angel Award

October 22, 2012 by  
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Social Venture Partners‘ Social Innovation Fast Pitch competition has kept us on our toes this summer and fall!  Undriving is proud to have been selected as a Semi-Finalist.  A Big Huge THANK YOU to SIFP for providing us with this amazing learning laboratory – this process has sharpened our plans, honed our pitch, and strengthened […]

TEDx Talk by Julia Field on Undriving

August 22, 2012 by  
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Undriving Founder Julia Field was invited to participate in TEDx TheEvergreenStateCollege, “Hello, Climate Change: Re-thinking the Unthinkable.”  Here’s her 15 minutes, from April 16, 2012.  Watch the rest of the offerings, too – here.

Reading In Transit

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One of the great benefits of taking transit instead of driving is that you can read a book while underway. Another great benefit: getting reading suggestions from fellow travelers!  We came upon this great photo series, called Underground New York Library – have a look! Maybe you’ll be inspired to read-n-ride, or get an idea […]

Undriver #6,629: Maria – “Not Hussling for the Fossiling”

May 4, 2012 by  
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To celebrate giving up her car, Maria ordered her Undriver License online – along with a gift license for her fiancé, Justin. She wrote us on Facebook:  “Got my Undriver License in the mail! It’s been a little over a month without a car. How fashion-conscious! — Not hussling for the fossil-ing; all bets on […]

No fish on the bus!

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It actually is Metro Transit policy to refuse riders carrying articles emitting “odors which unreasonably disturb others.”  Local Seattle bus and bike advocate & blogger, ChaCha AlaMode, recounts her bus ride with a very determined fisherman who had devised a way to sneak his daily catch past the driver:  “One Saturday afternoon, several years ago, […]

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