Undriving™ at Tilden School – Fall 2012

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In late September, the Undriver Licensing™ Station visited Tilden School in West Seattle.  5th Grade Teacher Karin had prepped the whole school, so we were eagerly awaited by students in every grade – Kindergarten through 5th!  The students had all taken home pledge forms, and the families had each designed their own Undriving experiment for […]

Undriver #8,635: Jo Repanich, Doggles Riding Shotgun

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Last week an unusual order came in via our Online Licensing Station.  Undriver Jo Repanich requested a write-in Undorsement of “Doggles riding shotgun” on her license, and submitted this awesome photograph.  Jo’s Undriving pledge: “Ride on in memory of my dog Haddie, 2001 – 2011.” Aww.  We’ve heard a lot of great motivations to get […]

Hatch Cover Art!

I was walking around Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood one day and happened to notice that several hatch covers had very intricate designs.  Apparently, the City of Seattle has actually commissioned several artists over the years to design “hatch cover art” and these can be found in neighborhoods all over the city.  Some even have street […]

Lab Notes from Undriving Experiments

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How’s it going with Undriving? Remember, your pledge is an experiment – to try reducing your car use, or doing something to reduce car use on the planet – and see what happens.  As with any experiment, we don’t know the outcome ahead of time.  It might lead to a new transportation pattern, and/or we […]

Undriver #5,283: Michael A. Smith: Urban Hiker

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When Michael Smith first moved to Seattle in 2008, he’d go hiking in the Cascades.  “I got tired of driving an hour each way to enjoy a hike,” he said.  “Seattle’s got plenty of hills,” he reasoned.  Why not hike there, and get to know his new city while skipping all that stressful car travel? […]