Research Findings: Seattle Children’s

Survey of Seattle Children’s Undrivers (June 2011):

In April, 2011, Seattle Children’s hosted the Undriver Licensing Station at Transportation Fairs at five Children’s locations.  We licensed 331 Undrivers, which enhanced Children’s commute-trip-reduction efforts.

Click here to peruse full survey results. Some highlights:

  • An impressive 31% of Undrivers responded to our survey.
  • 96% of respondents followed through with their Undriving pledge.
  • Topping the list of motivations for trying Undriving: Cost of driving (73%). Other factors included: Concern about global warming or CO2 emissions (43%), Stress or hassle of driving (43%), “Heard about it from the Transportation Department” (34%), and “Wanted to get my Undriver License” (33%).

People also appreciate the model of encouragement provided by Undriving:

• “Fun idea – like thinking outside the normal realm.”
• “Undriving helped me see new possibilities.”
• “I believe in what you are trying to do.”

  • A whopping 84% formed a new transportation habit or pattern, as a result of the Undriving program. Some examples:

Budding bikers: “I am trying to make a habit of biking to work when possible!”; “Biking is so much fun”; “I love biking and seeing things I miss when either driving or riding the bus.”

Riding the bus can be fun: “It increases my reading time”; “This summer my sweetheart and I will plan more ‘bus dates’ and ‘trolley dates’.”

Walkers: “I’ve been walking more to local restaurants rather than driving”; “I have been walking more – this helps me also reach a goal for fitness!”

Fitness opportunities: “I walked to the store a few times. The walk was pleasant and it served for good exercise”; “I biked everyday to work this month, including the whole weekend I was on call. I feel fitter and healthier and proud of myself’; “Lost ten pounds in part due to bike commuting.”

  • As this survey reveals, there are countless benefits of Undriving, which Undrivers are able to experience and appreciate after forming new commuting habits: 76% are saving more money and 69% are getting more exercise, while 55% feel good about making a positive change and 51% experience less stress.

Some Undrivers found unexpected benefits to their new habits:

  • “Since I began walking to work, my husband has started taking the bus to work, and we have gone from a two-car family to a one-car family with our one car parked in the driveway for most of the week.”
  • “Saving a lot of money on gas and car maintenance and can still do things without driving a car.”
  • 68% reported that they showed their Undriver License or talked with others about Undriving. The Undriver License provides a natural way to share one’s commitment, and start a conversation with others about what they might do.  This ambassadorship is a unique component of the Undriving program.

Children’s Undrivers showed off their licenses and spread the word to family and friends:

  • “I posted my license by the nameplate on my cubicle and some people ask me about when they come through the office.”
  • “It has encouraged less driving with my family members.”
  • “I have it on the outside of my backpack where it is very visible and people notice it and we start a conversation about it.”
  • “Showed my license to my daughters and I texted them the days I biked to work.”
  • “Showed friends and family because picture was funny.”
  • “Most people think it is a really cool idea to motivate people to get out of their cars!”
  • “Excited to continue to encourage fellow co-workers to try biking!”
  • The responses from this survey revealed the genuine enthusiasm and satisfaction felt by Children’s Undrivers. It is clear that the Undriving pledge sparks new energy in people to be daring, challenge themselves, and test their perseverance.
  • “I actually signed up for Bike to Work Month!!! This was a huge step for me as I’ve always been attached by the hip to my car. Biking into the office is so liberating! Not only does it cut 15 minutes off of my commute, by the time I get to work I feel great from the workout.”
  • “Very proud to have the license and can still do things without a car.”
  • “I think the month of no driving (and pledge) helped me to commit and change my single driver behaviors/habit, and organize my routes/bus schedules, as well as my workday. I’ve continued to just do bus commutes hence the pledge.”