Survey Results

Our research demonstrates that Undriver Licensing effectively shifts people’s thinking and gets them to try new ways of getting around, which consistently leads to new transportation habits resulting in reduced car use.

Undriving™ effectively creates change.  Since our launch in 2007, our follow-up surveys at the end of the Undriving pledge month consistently show:

• An impressive 20-40% response rate

96% report that they followed through on their pledge

70% say they established a new lasting habit or pattern as a result of the program (and, Undrivers enthusiastically share inspiring and diverse stories that back up this data qualitatively).

83% report that they showed their Undriver License to others or talked with others about Undriving.  The Undriver License makes it easy for Undrivers to become ambassadors, engaging others and inviting curiosity about their transportation choices.

Through our surveys we have learned that intrepid Undrivers formed carpools, got raingear and bicycled even in the rain, switched over to bus commuting and found community and less stress, discovered the #75 bus, combined dog-walks with grocery trips, started walking the kids to school, and lots more – one Undriver even sold her car! One respondent said, “I felt like we were given permission to raise the issue with others.”  Yes!

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