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In April 2011, we licensed 331 Undrivers at Seattle Children’s.  Here are some of their stories:

Pledge: Bike or walk to work at least 3 days per week instead of taking the bus.

“I switched from 100% bus commutes to 67% walking and biking. Eventually this will save Children’s on my ORCA card costs, and gives me 2.5 miles of extra exercise each day. It’s far easier than it sounded, and I’ve discovered all of the shops and sights between my home and work that I missed when sitting on the bus.” —Maggie McGehee

Pledge: Take the bus every time I travel, especially those which drive on I-5

“I spent more time doing my assignments in the bus, since I am so busy at home with my little kids. Undriving gives me more time to myself.—Zuhra Sarwary


Pledge: I will take bus or car share for month of May 2011

“I had one day where I did drive into work. However, I noted on that day how much more actual stress, and headaches, costs there are in driving versus the nominal conveniences. I think the month of no driving (and pledge) helped me to commit and change my single driver behaviors/habit, and organize my routes/bus schedules, as well as my workday.” —Mitch Birchfield

Pledge: Walk to work.

“Since I began walking to work, my husband has started taking the bus to work, and we have gone from a two-car family to a one-car family with our one car parked in the driveway for most of the week.” —Amy Skjonsberg

Pledge: Increase bike riding to work by one day a week.

“I rode my bike one more day per week and so far for the month I am 100% at my goal. I have my License on the outside of my backpack where it is very visible and people notice it and we start a conversation about it.” —Catherine Cornell

Pledge: Not drive to work; reduce pickup trips by replacing with bus

“I got a bike from the hospital’s bike program and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been biking for the past 5 weeks rain or shine and really loving. It’s about 6 miles each way, but much easier and faster than I had feared before finally trying out. I definitely consider myself a fully-converted bike commuter.” —Scott Olson

Pledge: To get more people involved in Vanpool

“I continually let people know that we have an opening in my Vanpool, or as I call it “Manpool.” I also take the bus at night and have made more and more friends – even with some of the new drivers!” —Debby Anger (see Debby’s full story here!)

Pledge: Bike more; sometimes, even in the rain!  Entertain the idea of BTWM captain.

“I rode my bike in the rain despite my inner voice’s grumbling resistance and discovered that it was NO WHERE NEAR as uncomfortable as my mind imagined it would be. In fact, it was rather refreshing. Please remind me of this in November when it is dark. That will be the next sticking point to conquer!” —Ronna Dansky

Pledge: Bike to Ashway Park n Ride

“I filled up my car’s gas tank on May 7. I want to go 30 days without another fill and should be able to do that because I commuted by bus/bike to work four days and didn’t drive my car anywhere those days. Also, decided against any short trips so that I could consolidate. It’s working.”  —Jeanne Nindel-Edwards

Pledge: Ride my bike or use the bus as opposed to driving in.

“I actually signed up for Bike to Work Month!!! This was a huge step for me as I’ve always been attached by the hip to my car. Biking into the office is so liberating! Not only does it cut 15 minutes off of my commute, by the time I get to work I feel great from the workout.” —Margrette Paterson

Pledge: Bike to work 5 days per week in May

“I biked every day to work this month including the whole weekend I was on call. I feel fitter and healthier and proud of myself.” —Alexa Craig

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