Sound Transit Takes On Undriver Licensing™!

May 4, 2013 by  
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STzapLicenseWe are delighted to announce that Sound Transit is becoming an Official Licensing Partner with Undriving™.  Later this month they’ll get their very own Undriver LIcensing™ Station, and start taking it to fairs and festivals in their three-county service area.  “We’re so excited to add Undriver Licensing™ to our toolkit,” says Jim Hammond, Customer Outreach Manager.  “We want people to know they  have alternatives to driving their car, and this is a fun and engaging way to connect people to Link light rail, Sounder commuter rail, and ST Express buses.”
Welcome aboard the Undriving Train, Sound Transit!  And a big tip-o-the-bike-helmet to Intercity Transit, our Founding Licensing Partner – now in their third year doing Undriver Licensing™ in Thurston County.  We’ll also be doing Undriving events with King County METRO, this year and next. Watch for one of these Undriver Licensing™ Stations, near you!

Thanks for Undriving,
Julia Field and the whole Undriving team

PS.  Who’s the first Sound Transit Undriver?  Meet Zap Gridlock, Sound Transit’s mascot and congestion-fighting superhero!

PSS.  Do you know of an organization located anywhere in the country that might be interested in utilizing Undriver Licensing™  to help meet car-trip reduction goals or connect people with their transportation services?  Contact us for more information!

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