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Ummm. You guys!!!! I was totally just attacked by a Twitternet Troll! It was awesome! He said I was a “warmist”. Awesome! Well. I guess here’s my Post About Why Undriving Isn’t (just) About Saving The Environment.


I mean, I know that more cars = more energy consumption = more dirty fuel consumption = more dirty fuel extraction etc etc the sky is falling end of the world let’s all just binge on sticks of butter and sugar cause it’s all over anyway.

But really.

Undriving was a CAUSE I joined, to SAVE THE WORLD. But now that I’m actually applying it to my real life, day in and day out? Well, it’s just kinda cool.

I have given myself a free pass to feel zero guilt, zilch, nada, nuthin’, if I drive somewhere this month.


And I have. I drove to Kirkland to get my hair cut on Saturday. I drove to work today and last week once as well. I drove…somewhere else….hmmm, where was it.

I like trees, I like clean air, but all the huffing and puffing I do about it won’t make YOU care about it. Well, most likely won’t.

But, what I CAN do is ask you this – you know that nasty traffic jam this morning after the storm last night? You know how that car cut you off merging and that driver was a total turdwad? And then you gunned it to pass him, and it was some ugly lady anyway so good for her for being so rotten? And then remember when you realized you STILL forgot to get gas, and now you’re nearing mile 15, or is it mile 20, of the 22 miles you get after the gas light goes on? And then remember the dinner party you went to on Summit and 1oth on Capital Hill, and how you drove around for TWELVE MINUTES that felt like an infinity while your boyfriend fumed at the lack of parking and already being late because you always are when you drive, and remember scratching the side of your car on that STUPID pole in the parking garage at REI because when were cars ever that small!?!?!

Oh and all this time, you’re not also remembering the glaciers, the polar bears, the asthma rates, desertification, famine, dependence on foreign fuel…

Right?  Cause you are JUST TRYING TO GET TO WORK or have a good time with a visiting friend or do some grocery shopping or pick up a couch on craigslist.

Undriving is exactly that. No more. No less. The act of driving, un-committed. Un-done. Un-attempted. Un-planned. Un-scheduled. Un-considered. Un-thought.

You can do absolutely anything else in the whole wide world but use your own car the same exact way you are now. I don’t care if you hire a chauffer to drive you everywhere. Hey, it’s a job, and then there are two people in the car! And, you’ll realize how awesome it is not to be behind the wheel.

I really don’t. I don’t care. Get a cab. Trade cookies for rides from your friends. Even if you SIT in a car as much as you used to, don’t DRIVE it as much as you used to. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the car less often too.

I dare you. I double dog dare you. I triple dog, $35 donation RIGHT now, dare you.

And, because there is absolutely no guilt, I won’t ask how you did it. Or how you feel. Or if you donated. :) And if you are keeping track, and want to share, by all means, please do. Share with me, share with a friend.

But just don’t tell those darn treehuggers. I am saving the world, but it’s not why I want you to Undrive.

xoxo nicole

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