Undriver #6,629: Maria – “Not Hussling for the Fossiling”

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To celebrate giving up her car, Maria ordered her Undriver License online – along with a gift license for her fiancé, Justin. She wrote us on Facebook “Got my Undriver License in the mail! It’s been a little over a month without a car. How fashion-conscious! — Not hussling for the fossil-ing; all bets on for the planet we’re on.”

Yay, Maria!  We asked for more of their story, and here’s her report:

“The lead-up to selling my leased car started last November. I read that greenhouse gas levels are higher than the worst case experts had presented only four years ago.  Now mind you, I had been leasing a Prius, which is great on gas economy. Gas prices were going up though, and the car sat there waiting for weekends while I commuted on public transportation. Meanwhile, my fiancé and I noticed Zipcar stations [around Washington DC] and bemoaned making car and insurance payments.

The dream of no longer promoting this car-centric lifestyle was rolling around in my head for months since I had read that article, even as we followed through on eco-friendly purchasing decisions to buy alternative products that replace or reuse plastics. In March, I sold the leased car and my fiancé and I now rely on public transportation. We’ve read more books, feel relieved and accept the challenges of getting around. We’ve taken our golf clubs on public transportation to get to the course. We’ve conversed more at the bus stop, and on the bus, with riders we may never have had the chance to talk to otherwise.

I applied for my Undriver License a month later as a testament to my carlessness. All bets are off for doing nothing – that deal leads nowhere. We’ve managed to carry our groceries during our commutes on public transportation. Virtual meetings are great because people are trying to save money now anyway and they can eat their favorite snacks at home as we chat online and connect. Having my Undriver License is a fresh start to my life and now I’m back in the driver’s seat.” - Maria Halyna Lewytzkyj, District Heights, Maryland

Thanks for Undriving, Maria and Justin – and for sharing your story!

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