No Nos and Ginger O’s

October 24, 2011 by  
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Levine Family Undriving highlights from week three:

  • Daily walking trips to Ballard for groceries and other errands.  More walking = more Newmans Ginger O’s with whole milk!
  • After 15 miles of biking to appointments on Wednesday, I discovered that my recently adjusted brake pads are rubbing.  Extra effort = more Ginger O’s???
  • Discovering Metro’s recently deployed ‘talking stops’ interior signage.  Discovering complete absence of bus enhancement news announcement on Metro’s website, or anywhere else via search.
  • A conversation with Beija towards the end of an afternoon walk…    Me:  Want to go home?  Beija: No, no.  M:  Get something to eat?  B: No, no.  M:  Take a bus ride?  B: Da da!  (Da = yes!)
    • Then, hopping on the next available 44 with Beija for an impromptu adventure in Wallingford.
  • A 9pm bus to downtown, our friend Rebecca playing bass for Cobirds Unite, and John Roderick’s verve and voice heralding the future of rock-n-roll.  12:10am bus home.  Oh yeah.
  • The trusty 44 to Wallingford on another night out… in the same week!  Met a new neighbor waiting at the bus stop, connected over One Bus data, and found out she’s a card carrying Undriver!
  • It was a full house over the weekend.  We’re dog-sitting for two wonderful pooches and watched some friends’ 4yo on Sat/Sun.  Plus another 5yo house guest Sat. afternoon.  So there’s Mike at home, surrounded by 5 girls, then 6 girls, then 7 girls!  I wish I could find a tie-in to Undriving, but alas, this one bears a write up.
  • Making it to the Seattle Aquarium by bus during Beija’s in-between nap window.  A perfect round trip at 3 hours.
  • Walking Juni and Ruby in a torrential downpour.  Beija jumping in biggest puddles to date!

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