‘Marie Claire’ in Spain

Undriving in Marie Claire Magazine, Spain Edition – October, 2009

“The Trend”

“An undriving license. 2700 people in Seatle (sic) have procured it for themselves. The price: leave the car at home.”

“You don’t have to get radical. You don’t have to renounce the pleasure of driving. The “undriver license”, offered by the organization Sustainable Ballard, is a card of small gestures. Some decide to take the bike more, others to share the car to go to work, and some elect to limit mileage. The idea is to go progressively leaving the car at home each time for longer periods and thus reduce CO2 emissions. The age to take out the card varies between 2 and 82 years. For all the public and without exam. Together with the card they offer free bus tickets.”

This one gets the “Most Unexpected Press Coverage” Award!
Thanks to Karen Cowgill for translation.