Article in Worldchanging

Here’s an excerpt from the article on Undriving in Worldchanging, April 27, 2009.  It is part of the series, “Seattle to the World: 100 Best Innovations from the Emerald City.” Click here to read the full piece.

“Why it’s Worldchanging”

“Every successful initiative to reduce driving reduces carbon emissions, lowers our dependency on oil, and minimizes congestion. But the uniqueness and character of Undriving is what stands out. By taking an everyday item — the drivers license — and reminding users that they don’t need to make driving their car such a central part of their life and identity, the Undriver License encourages people to imagine complete mobility that goes far beyond cars.”

And instead of finger-wagging, the program engages the whole community with a focus on having fun. People are beginning to realize the joys of biking outside or interacting with the community that they miss when they’re stuck inside car. And so it comes as no surprise that Undrivers have continued to act on their pledge by making habits of their newfound undriving methods. Now that’s a change.