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Day 8:  Sat. Oct. 8th

Undrive-a-thon or no, we always do a lot of walking, biking and busing back and forth between our house and the surrounding neighborhoods of Ballard, Fremont, Phinney and Greenwood.

So what we really love about our car-fast is that it pushes us to explore destinations that in other months would definitely be car trips.

Today’s destination?  Seward Park.

The timing was tricky for this 26 mile round trip adventure.  Beija is still napping twice a day, usually between 10 – 11:30ish and again at 3:30, and at her current age, definitely sleeps best at home.  (Gone are the days of sleeping soundly in the Ergo or the stroller!)  That leaves us a pretty small travel window in the middle of each day.

Lunch on the Light Rail

It took some advance planning and prep for this 4 bus + light rail excursion, but we lucked out when Beija woke up at 11:45 and we were able to make our 12:03 bus to downtown.  The goal was to be at Seward Park as close to 1pm as possible.

Our hope was to make it to the start line of Miles for Midwives, a fun run to raise funds and awareness for Washington state midwives – women and family healthcare being another cause very dear to our hearts.

The timing was a little off, but we did make it to the awesome new play structure around 1:30, luckily just a few steps from the finish line.  Our family was all smiles when our friend and midwife, Geraldine Lee of Fremont Midwifery, finished in the top 10 and gave B a huge victory hug.

Our Ode to Geraldine could fill pages and pages, but here are just a few topical Undriving highlights:  this incredible gal bikes or runs to appointments, choose her office location because of its walkable proximity to her house and easy access for clients, and threads sustainability throughout her practice.

As parents of a 16 month, we do spend an inordinate amount of time considering the structural merits of some parks over others, so thank you Geraldine for being such an awesome midwife, getting us down to Seward Park on this gorgeous Saturday and meeting us beside the zip line!

Walking the beach at Seward Park

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