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Thanks Merlin!!!
Merlin Rainwater

Home Base: Capitol Hill, Seattle

Favorite Undriving Mode: “Bike, swim, ferry, train”

Undriving Pet Peeve: “When I’m planning to go to a transportation-related event and the website gives only driving directions!”

My Undriving Story So Far: “As a nurse, I’m appalled at the health disaster spawned by America’s costliest addiction – driving! Tens of thousands of crash deaths every year, obesity, lung-clogging pollution. I choose to be a ‘Transportation Nag,’ reminding people to think of healthy transportation choices first, before turning to the last-resort alternative, the car. I encourage organizations, businesses and event planners to rethink the way they offer directions to visitors: give directions for public transit, for walking, for bicycling, never just for driving. Many websites have been improved in response to my nagging.” (Watch Merlin’s video story!)

My Undriving Big Pledge: “By the end of October, I pledge to convince Nordstrom to include public transit and biking directions on their website. With Link Light Rail in the basement of their Seattle store, why should Nordstrom continue to tell customers the only way to get to the store is to drive?”

31 days of Undriving await you. What will the best part of the coming month be? “Going to Nordstrom’s website and clicking on the link to the Link Light Rail schedule!”

Why should your friends join you in donating to Undriving? “Undriving confronts America’s most devastating addiction, and does it with humor and optimism. Undriving makes our work as healthcare providers easier by making healthy living fun.”

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