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Intercity Transit’s Erin Scheel receives the Undriver Licensing Station Toolkit – March 2011

Becoming an Official Licensing Partner with Undriving™

Is your organization seeking a creative way to engage with people to think differently about their transportation choices?  Need a way to connect with more people about the great car-use-reduction programs you offer?  Undriver Licensing™ can help.

As an Official Licensing Partner of Undriving™, your organization can utilize this innovative program to engage and empower people to reduce car use. With the Undriver Licensing Station™ Toolkit, you will receive all the equipment, supplies, training, and everything you need to run a successful Undriver Licensing program in your community. This opportunity is well suited to transit providers, government agencies, non-profits, youth-focused programs, Commute Trip Reduction groups, and universities.

Our Founding Licensing Partner, Intercity Transit in Olympia, WA, has been utilizing Undriver Licensing since early 2011, to rave reviews!

Intercity Transit has incorporated Undriving into their work with workplaces around Commute Trip Reduction; at schools as part of their Safe Routes to School focus; and in the community to build transit ridership. ““Undriving fits well with Intercity Transit’s youth education, trip reduction and marketing goals. In fact there’s not a place we go that wouldn’t benefit from bringing the Undriver Licensing Station along,” says Meg Kester, Intercity Transit’s marketing director. “Undriving has transformed the way we interact with our community… it is becoming our public face.”

In 2013, Sound Transit (Seattle, WA) began operating their own Undriver Licensing Station at events around the region, licensing over 2,000 new Undrivers. And in 2014, Undriver Licensing comes to Spokane County, as Spokane County CTR Office becomes Undriving’s 3rd official licensing Partner!

We look forward to working with a growing community of Official Licensing Partners, who are utilizing Undriver Licensing to help meet their goals and generate behavior change, all over the country – and beyond.

For more information about becoming an Official Licensing Partner with Undriving, contact us