Order an Undriver License™

For yourself or as a Gift (or BOTH, with our 2-for-1 Special!) 

To get your own official Undriver License™, follow these steps:

1) First, think about a pledge you’d like to make for the next month that would reduce the amount of time you – or someone else – spends in a car alone.  Stuck?  The Pledge section is full of examples of what other resourceful Undrivers are pledging – these will get your ideas flowing.

2) Then, head on over to our Licensing page and fill out the FORM!  Have a jpg image ready.  We ask for a $20 donation to cover the cost of the materials, shipping within the U.S., and to support our vision of spreading Undriving all over the world.  We are a nonprofit, so this is tax deductible. And check this out:

SPECIAL OFFER: When you order one license, get a 2nd license FREE!  Undriver Licenses make great gifts – after you complete your License order, just fill out the Gift form with your favorite Undriver’s info and photo, and we’ll send the specially packaged gift license to you, along with yours.  

3) Watch your mailbox – in 1-2 weeks your personalized, official Undriver License(s) will be arriving! 

Want to give an Undriver License as a GIFT?  Start here!  Recently we’ve made gift licenses for a grandmother who can no longer drive, two Danish urban designers, a bike-racer living in France, and five nephews for holiday gifts.  Undriver Licenses also make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Birthdays, for the committed Undrivers in your life.  Special 2-for-1 Offer can be used for two gift Licenses, too!

Other ways to get licensed:

• Visit the Undriver Licensing Station at one of our Events, or

Hire us to bring Undriver Licensing to your workplace, school, or event.

S T A R T   Y O U R   O R D E R !

Thanks for Undriving!