Make an Undriving Pledge

Undriving means getting creative about getting around, and taking action to reduce your car use – or car use on the planet. Make a pledge and get licensed!

WHAT COULD YOU EXPERIMENT WITH?  Design your own Undriving Pledge for the month ahead, and see what you discover.

GET CURIOUS!   How necessary is a car for each of the trips we take?  There are lots of ways to Undrive – walk, bike, bus, carpool, telecommute, skip the trip….  What surprise benefits might await? (saving money, better health, more connectedness, less stress, more time)?  Car-free folks can encourage and support others to drive less.

BE CREATIVE!    What’s your pledge?  Try something that’s do-able but also a stretch.   Here are some thought-starters for you:

• Bus or bicycle to work X days per week
• Commit to being car-free on certain days of the week
• Limit driving to XX miles per month
• Show your license and talk about your Undriving discoveries
• Form a carpool to get to church, preschool, book group, etc.
• Start a Walking School Bus to get the kids to school
• Get a bike trailer for cargo or kids (got one? pledge to loan it!)
• Walk to the grocery store with a rolling cart
• Combine errands with dog-walks
• If you are already a committed Undriver, there’s always more you can do: consider pledging to not RIDE in cars for the month, or not accept rides when someone is going out of their way to pick you up, or to share your experiences as an Undriver with friends and co-workers and encourage them to make their own pledge.  One Undriver pledged to teach an adult how to ride a bike!

STUMPED? NEED MORE IDEAS?   Read some of our Undriving stories and see what they spark in you.  Everyone can be an Undriver – we can all do more to reduce reliance on cars.  All ages welcome.

OKAY!  Come to an Undriver Licensing event, or order your license right now.