Why Support Undriving? A 2011 Update

Thanks for your interest in Undriving™!  

Undriving is a non-profit organization that reduces car use by issuing Undriver Licenses™ to people who make a personal pledge to change their driving habits for one month.  We’ve made a big splash since our launch in 2007: We’ve licensed 8,000 Undrivers™ of all ages at community events, schools, and workplaces.  We’ve proven that this engaging program leads directly to new transportation habits – no small feat.  And it’s been rewarding to team up with the likes of the City of Redmond, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Green Festival, and Bumbershoot.

The Undrive-a-thon fundraiser comes at a pivotal time for Undriving.  After four years of developing the Undriver Licensing™ program and proving its effectiveness, we are well positioned to license it to organizations that have a mandate to reduce car use, but lack an engaging way to connect with the public and instigate behavior change.  Can’t you just picture Undriver Licensing helping transit agencies, air quality programs, universities, and transportation organizations all across the country (and beyond), to reduce car use in their communities?

This vision isn’t just a dream.  Last November, we signed with our first Official Licensing Partner, Intercity Transit in Olympia, WA.  We provided them with our beta Licensing Station Toolkit in March, 2011, and since then they have been issuing Undriver Licenses as part of their work in schools, workplaces, and the community. Undriving is garnering rave reviews in Thurston County – in fact, to quote Intercity’s marketing director, “Undriving is becoming our public face.”  Wow!

We couldn’t have asked for better results with our Founding Licensing Partner.  The feedback is in and our future mission is clear: we are dedicating ourselves to scaling and spreading this successful program.  More Licensing Partners = more Undrivers = better health, cleaner air, reduced traffic and fewer greenhouse gas emissions!

This community-generated effort has gotten this far with a very small budget, running primarily on creativity, passion, volunteer energy, and limited funding from grants, sponsorships, contracts, and donations.  To scale this program, we need to expand our budget.  Funds raised this October will go directly to accomplishing our mission by way of much needed enhancements to the licensing toolkit and training guide, and getting the word out about this innovative program that can address the needs of other organizations.

We hope you’ll join us with an Undrive-a-thon donation and help fuel Undriving into the future! 

- Cynthia Levine, Board President – and Julia Field, Founder/Director

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