Foggy Lens in Sunny Seattle

October 15, 2011 by  
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Day 15:  Sat. Oct. 15th

Today we reprised last October’s bus trip to my sister’s house in Lynnwood.  And whoa, cue weird music, turns out we did it on day 15 of both car-fasts!

Just a few variances in this year’s 28 mile round trip.  Topping the list would be Beija’s method of transport.  Bye bye baby bjorn, hello shoulder rides to the bus stop, babbling to bus buddies, walking through the Lynnwood Transit Center, and running up the stairs to my sister’s house.

That’s our little Undriver!

And here’s a photo of Mike and Beija waiting for the 511 (using the hipstamatic “fog” lens).

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