Family Biking on Ballard’s Neighborhood Greenway

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Kristie’s two kids with their Undriver Licenses™, on their new cargo bike!

Kristie Thompson and family got licensed in September, 2013, at the ribbon-cutting party for the Ballard Neighborhood Greenway – part of a growing network of neighborhood greenways in Seattle.  Here’s their story!

What was your Undriving™ pledge?

“We pledged as a family – to bike the kids to school.”

How’s it going with Undriving?

“I bike my kids to school (we have rain gear), and to run errands around Ballard. We also do family bike rides on the weekends, rather than driving to the market/park/library, etc. We purchased a cargo bike and we all have our own bikes, so most days we do not use our car at all.”

How do you use Ballard’s new Neighborhood Greenway?

“We use it regularly! I take the Greenway to visit great grandma, go to the post office, the library, between my kids’ schools, etc.”

Did Undriving get you started on a new habit or pattern?

“Yes!  I plan to keep biking to run errands. We even bought a cargo bike so the kids can survive longer trips.”

How do your kids feel about Undriving?

“They love to show off their Undriver Licenses to friends and family members.”

Thanks for Undriving, Kristie and family!

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