Don’t hold your breath… BUT…

November 3, 2011 by  
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I just got word from Todd at Nordstrom that change is on the way:

We are having a new Store Information/Events redesign that is launching on 11/14.  The map/directions will be hosted by Bing, and it will include walking and transit directions in addition to driving directions.  As for transit, it will include bus information, but we are not sure if it will include Light Rail.  We will know more when the redesign launches.

The last time I looked at Bing maps, the “transit” directions function didn’t even give bus information – only commuter rail, like they have on the East Coast.  But today Bing readily tells me that I can take Light Rail from the airport to downtown.  So I’m optimistic!  Everyone be sure to check out the Nordstrom website on November 14!  and then follow the directions for an Undriving trip downtown!

My internet was down for the last few days of the Undrive-a-Thon.  So I’ve given myself another couple weeks to meet my fundraising goal.  Help me out, OK?



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