Undriver #8,635: Jo Repanich, Doggles Riding Shotgun

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Last week an unusual order came in via our Online Licensing Station.  Undriver Jo Repanich requested a write-in Undorsement of “Doggles riding shotgun” on her license, and submitted this awesome photograph.  Jo’s Undriving pledge: “Ride on in memory of my dog Haddie, 2001 – 2011.”

Aww.  We’ve heard a lot of great motivations to get licensed to Undrive, but that was a new one – and our heartstrings were definitely pulled.  We were also inspired – who says you need a car to get around town with your dog?

We had to ask – How’d you come up with this, Jo?

“It was a fluke,” she replied.  “I was thinking of putting Haddie in a front basket, but that just felt dangerous once I tried it.  So I looked back; I had my pack back there and thought, “I wonder if you would fit?” Wa~La – the rest is history ;)

“I cut a gardening pad so it would feel comfortable for her, and she just loved it. Never a problem. I got the idea for the Doggles from a vet who said it’s a must for dogs traveling in cars or bikes. So she had sunglasses before I did! We had many wonderful trips, mostly to the store or Alki, but also on Lopez Island where we have a cabin.”

“‘Doggles Riding Shotgun’ is my bike team for Bike to Work month in May. This is my 5th year and the first one without Haddie – but I carry her in my heart, and the Doggles are on my handlebars to make me smile and remember.” - Jo Repanich, Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Thanks, Jo, for sharing your story – and to you and Haddie, for Undriving.

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