Undriver #6,132: Debra Alderman, Bus Rider+

July 19, 2011 by  
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For Debra Alderman, the bus is more than transportation.  Read on!

“Since I’m not simply an Undriver, but also a life-long learner, I’m pleased to say that my bus-riding time is spent in ways that boost my brain power and also encourage some good thinking and planning. I can be found on the Metro route 202 to and from work browsing my Kindle for good quotes to share with my Jane Austen book club at our next meeting, listening to a fascinating podcast, or studying my Washington State Boater Safety Guide.

The cool thing is that a bus is not just a form of transportation; it’s also a moving container of people who each have a lot of ideas, resources and interesting information to share. When you take the same bus every day, it builds the courage to start talking to people that you ride with day in and day out. In a recent conversation I had with one of my bus buddies, I learned about a college here in the Northwest that might be just right for my son. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was known to say, “The world doesn’t need more text books. What we need are more text people.” So when I tap in to the Metro buses full of text people I’m really getting my three bucks worth!”
- Debra Alderman

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