Ordinary Undriving

October 16, 2011 by  
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Since I was a child, I have attended University Friends Meeting in the U-district in Seattle.  When the “new” Meeting House was built in 1963, this lovely combination bike rack/bench array was installed at the main entrance.

These bike racks announce to everyone who comes by that we expect people to arrive by bike.  And people DO arrive by bike, all year round.  This is one reason it’s always seemed normal and unremarkable to me to get around by bike.

I rode my bike to my first nursing job at Harborview Medical Center 30 years ago too.  There too, there was a big array of bike racks right at the entrance – and lots of bikes in the racks, all year round.

That’s why it seems odd – perplexing even – that there still are places WITHOUT bike racks.  And still places that offer massive car parking, but no bike parking; that offer directions for drivers, but not for bike riders – or bus riders, or Light Rail riders.

Undriving is so simple and normal!  Right? Everybody get out and Undrive!


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