Day 5 – Poor Subie

October 5, 2011 by  
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Offset your emissions.

I have NOT driven my car in FIVE DAYS! Poor Subie! Those nice leather seats, the swamp-as* seat warmers, the candybar wrappers and blown fuses…

This is completely insane and unusual for me. It wasn’t even my Undriving pledge to just flat-out not drive my car, but, ummm, it’s WAY EASIER than I thought it was going to be. Like, orders of magnitude easier. I even had to go from Wallingford to work yesterday morning, with my violin, bag of gear, and purse, then to band rehearsal in Interbay, then home to Wally-hood again.

I am slammed at work but will update you more later, meanwhile, how about showing your support of how awesome I am – I mean, how awesome Undriving is – with a couple of bucks for my effort!

Think of it this way – I am your Carbon Offset! I am your Renewable Energy Certificate! Now you can keep driving your Hum-Vee. OK don’t please. But seriously, a LOT of people don’t have the option of Undriving, you know? And some people just aren’t in a place to try Undriving. And that’s FINE! But imagine if we could pair up all Undrivers with someone who can’t undrive, sell the REC’s/offsets, and fund our organization with it…

How much would you pay if you knew that when you drove to work, someone, somewhere, was taking the bus instead. If it could really be tracked, you know?

I’m saying $5 right now. Consider the times you’ll have to drive this month (or choose to, it’s ok to love driving! I love driving!) and think about how much you’d like to donate based on that number.

Or, maybe, you challenge me to KEEP UP the undriving….and donate more each day I do it. Man!

OK, back to work, back to being on hold with the IRS, I’d like to tell them where they can Undrive it. Heh.

xoxo nicole


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