Day 3 – New Bus and Banana Republic

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31 days of Outfits

31 Days of Outfits

Hi! I took a new bus this morning! No, the coach-mobile itself wasn’t new, but the bus route was. And it took approximately seven minutes to get to work. This was helpful after rushing my shower, makeup, hair, and other morning-things.

However, thanks to this awesome 31-days-of-pre-planned-outfits poster from Lucky Magazine editors and Banana Republic, I got dressed in approximately 12 seconds. Today, it was “white button down/black skirt/black pumps/color-burst scarf,” all of which I already have. The idea is to have 13 core pieces (of course, if you buy all Banana Republic ones from this fall, you get extra points, and extra credit card debt…!), and then mix and match all month. I have more like 113 non-core, chaotic pieces, in various states of storage (think: floor, coffee table, closet, drawers, chair) all over my bedroom, but I *think* amidst all them I have pretty much everything Banana and Lucky says I need to have.

What does this have to do with Undriving and donating to my Undrive-a-thon bucket? Everything! One of my pledges this month was to use my commitment to Undriving to help me be on time. Or, maybe, just not as late…. :) So, this little outfit cheat-sheet is PERFECT for that. Someday (read: when I’m dead), I’ll be a morning person. But for now, I need all the help I can get, and when I get out of bed at 8:01 and the bus is at 8:15, and I need to shower, I thank people like Banana Republic and Lucky Magazine for helping me meet my goals. Trying to take the bus more means being on time, which means getting ready by a very specific time every single morning…

Which makes me think, maybe they’d like to make a small donation….ruh roh, just got you in my bullseye Banana and Lucky…!!

Anyway, so there you go.

Oh and what is this fabulous new bus? Well it’s really not that exciting, it just goes fast. That’s all. And I sat in the bendy part this morning, which is kind of like a ride at Disneyland, so that was fun.

OK, donate here, help us get the word out to more communities, fairs, middle school dances, green fests, community fairs, farmers markets, corporate commuter reduction programs, etc. etc.,with Undriving and the Undrive-a-thon.



Thank you so much,

xoxo nicole

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