Day 3 – Happy Birthday!

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Carrie's BDay

Happy BDay to Carrie at TCC!

A very Happy Birthday to Ms. Carrie Dolwick, policy director for one of the finest Washington transportation nonprofits – Transportation Choices Coalition. I worked with Carrie when I was at the Environmental Priorities Coalition, and she is one of the strongest voices for social change on environmental and transportation issues in this state, and probably, in this country, since our state leads in so many environmentally progressive areas (but, sadly, not every area, ahem, public transit….). She is bold, outspoken, incredibly kind, fierce, loyal, honest, hard-worker, a woman-in-politics, and also, incredibly incredibly charming and delightful! Happy birthday Carrie!!!

We, too at Undriving, are trying to move the meter on transportation and environmental issues, but in a different way… through YOU! Yes, you, reading this right now. We don’t tell you what to do. We tell you what NOT to do: we say “this month, do NOT use your car in the exact same way you always have,” but then YOU get to choose how.

That’s where YOU, and the Undrive-a-thon, come in. Maybe you aren’t game for the car-behavior change idea yet. I mean, it’s already Oct 3 and I haven’t exactly laid it out how you can be an Undriver for the month with me. Nope. I’ve been too busy blogging about noodle soup and high heels.

But fear not, the Undrive-a-thon is here!

If you’d like to be part of un-driving-for-change, around environmental, transportation, or really any other issue you can think of that possibly relates to undriving (and there are a LOT, believe me), you can support us for this month only with a donation to help fund the programs we run to get others undriving.

One idea – it was MY birthday last month! I know that I have moved a lot, so your gift probably got lost in the mail. But in case you hadn’t yet decided on that perfect belated birthday gift, worry no more. How ‘bout the $5 for that beer you were gonna buy me, $10 for that new OPI nail polish, $20 for dinner, $50 for Nordy’s gift card and $200 for three months of Murray’s Cheese cheese club… – how about you skip the shipping, difficult selection process, and just put it into my fundraising pot? It will go a long way to helping others figure out how they, too, can get out of the car, reduce their road rage, lose weight, save money, save the environment, and generally enjoy life more.

Click here to help me go to Disneyla–oh wait that’s a different competition–support Undriving, the Undrive-a-thon, and my birthday.



And happy birthday dear Carrie! If you want to support her organization, Transportation Choices Coalition they are fabulous as well. You can do so here.

Happy Monday! I haven’t even TOLD you yet what wonderful Undriving adventures I’ve had today! Think, new bus….I know, exciting…. :)

xoxo Nicole

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