Day 2 – Undriving can mean Anything!

October 3, 2011 by  
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Curry Udon from Noodle Nation!

Undrove myself to the ave for some curry udon.

Well fun!

Today I realized many things.

1. Undriving really can mean anything that is NOT driving, right? So, I undrove all night until verrrry late this morning. That sounds a lot better than “I slept in til noon.”  See, I was saving the planet!! Not being lazy.

2. I finally decided to undrive myself to dinner, so I walked to Noodle Nation on the ave (in the University District of Seattle), and they met the insane craving I was having for curry Udon.

3. Then I had to deal with the IRS, which required a cookie AND a beer, so I went to Trabant coffee on 45th and Brooklyn Ave. Free wifi, did some in-my-head cursing at TurboTax, and enjoyed a Lagunitas CENSORED copper ale. No, really, that’s the name of the beer. And a cookie that wasn’t that good.

4. The Metro 44 bus is actually pretty reliable, on day two of this adventure.

5. I kind of secretly LOVE UNDRIVING. I mean, at first I was all “I’m gonna save the world and not drive and not use gas and be independent from foreign oil and road rage and traffic and the MAN,” but now I’m more like, “wow, I never knew I lived so close to Slave to the Needle, maybe I’ll go get a tattoo,” and “wow, I-5 is really loud, I wonder what it would sound like without as many cars on it,” and “wow, look I’m 10min walking distance to the newly renovated Neptune Theatre this is awesome!” and “oh there’s that store American Apparel, gee their stuff if cute too bad Dov Charney’s a jerk,” and “oh THAT’S where the post office is on the Ave, now I’ll never forget cause I friggin’ WALKED here,” and “avoid that person she is crazy,” and ” hey there are a LOT of people out on a Sunday night at 10pm in the U District, I am not alone in life….”

6. LATE-BREAKING update from Monday morning. I *also* learned how to add this donate button in. Aren’t you glad? Help me reach my goal and fund more Undrivers!



xoxo nic

ps progress to Big Pledge goals? Weight loss, losing. Discovering new cheap noodle houses, winning.

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