Day 1 – Undrive-a-thon Wedding!

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Day 1, Nic at Bus Stop Headed to Wedding!

Day 1, Nic at Bus Stop Headed to Wedding!


Hi everyone! I’m so excited about the Undriv-a-thon! I have a LOT to share, so watch out… :)

OK. Here is how Undriving is going for me.

1. Yesterday, Day 1. I took the bus to a wedding. It was awesome. it took less than 10min (?) I think to get to where I was going by bus. Add another 10 for the walk to the busstop. Granted, I should have brought some pocket flats bc I was in HEELS. What was I thinking people. It rained some but that was ok, and I spent a lovely afternoon walking from St Joe’s church on 19th and Aloha, to Pravda studios on 11th and Pine/Pike. Got a new outfit, a recycled silk kimono ring, some black earrings, a latte and a fruit pastry thingy. And some vitamins and some free stuff. And a wedding to boot. The bus home was kinda annoying. Once it came, it was fast and the transfer had an almost zero-minute wait time, but it was 22min late. Thank god I was on Broadway, and could watch a free drag show through the window.

2. My big pledges: Unfortunately, it’s hard to lose weight and save money when you’re eating and shopping your way across Capitol Hill. Oh well. I definitely did the “relax” part of my pledge.


ps pictures on my Facebook and Twitter. Haven’t synced them up here yet.

pps Oh man, I said I’d raise $5,000? Um, start now? I’ll save the motivating donate post for next. Or after that… :) Or just go and donate already so you can avoid getting demanding emails from me and then avoiding me in person too…or just click and donate now. tyvm!

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