Corporate Responsibility during ViaDoom Week

October 24, 2011 by  
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My Undrive-a-Thon pledge was to persuade Nordstrom, our local family-owned mega retailer, to brag on their website about the Light Rail station in their basement, rather than giving shoppers only driving directions.  A couple weeks ago I got a promise from “Shelby” that the website would in fact be updated to include other transportation modes.  But at the start of ViaDoom week, nothing has changed – Nordstrom (and their downtown rival Macy’s) continue to tell shoppers that driving is the ONLY way to get downtown.

Today I managed to get on the phone with Linda, whose job at Nordstrom is Corporate Social Responsibility.  She listened with genuine interest to my concern, and promised to follow up with the website folks to make sure they are making these changes.

Will Nordstrom come through with Socially Responsible transportation information during ViaDoom week?  Stay tuned!  And while you’re holding your breath, make your Undrive-a-Thon contribution to!

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