Undriving Resources

Want some help with your Undriving pledge?  Browse these links to learn more about getting around Puget Sound, and options available to Undrivers™.

Also see FAVORITE LINKS below.

S E A T T L E – A R E A   U N D R I V I N G :

OVERVIEW: Tranportation Choices Coalition has assembled a wealth of information about getting around without a car in WA State.

COMMUTING TO DOWNTOWN? Commute Seattle can help.

GETTING THERE: Check out the ORCA Card - one convenient card for bus, ferry, light rail, and more.

READY TO GIVE UP YOUR CAR?  Want to drive less?
City of Seattle’s Way to Go program offers incentives. Check out the One Less Car Challenge!

King County METRO
Sound Transit

Community Transit
METRO Transit Alert
- Requires sign up. Metro will notify you of transit events.
Getting to the Mountains by Bus – article from Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2008

Cascade Bicycle Club
– offering events, rides, classes, advocacy – all things bike.
BikeWorks – great programs supporting youth through bicycling. Buy a refurbished bike there!
Bicycle Alliance of Washington – advocacy group promoting bicycling, bike trails, and safety.
Bicycle Paper – The NW’s own bike paper. Lots of info & acticles.
Seattle Likes Bikes
– A local bike news blog.
Spokespeople – Monthly family-friendly rides for “reluctant cyclists.”

Feet First – promoting walkable communities.
Walking School Bus - a win-win-win way to get the kids to school.




WA State Ferries

One Bus Awaygreat iPhone app
METRO’s Trip Planner

Google Mapsincludes transit, biking, and walking

Walk ScoreFind out how walkable your location is.

F A V O R I T E   L I N K S :

Here’s a completely non-definitive and random start toward a collection of great links related to Undriving’s many facets.

StreetFilms and StreetBlogs: These interconnected efforts provide a wealth of information and inspiration.  Sit back and enjoy – armchair travel to the most liveable streets worldwide!  Now that’s Undriving.

Envisioning Urbanism:  These depictions by Urban Advantage of walk/bike/transit oriented communities inspire us onward!  Let’s work together toward urban options that make Undriving the obvious choice.

Ditching the Car for 40 Days: We love personal accounts.  What does it really take to make changes in our lives?

World Carfree Network: It’s great to be a part of a global network of people and organizations all working toward the same vision.  Lots of resources on this site.

Copenhagenize: There’s always something interesting on this blog from arguably the best Undriving city on the planet.  “For the love of bicycle culture – 100% independent advocacy.”

Save a Car Trip, Bike Instead: This site filled with great bike resources was recommended to us by a group of resourceful students at the Elm Grove Area Community Center, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They get cupcakes from their teacher because we are posting their suggestion here! Thanks you guys for Undriving:)

Worldchanging: Alex Steffen et al keep us up to the minute on innovative solutions to the planet’s challenges.  Here are a few select posts specifically related to what we’re up to:

• Imagining a Carbon Neutral City: A Collection of Ideas

• My Other Car is a Bright Green City

• Oh look, here’s one about us!