Undriving: An Ongoing Process

Undriver Licenses don’t expire – and there’s a reason for that!

Once you’ve made some discoveries from one pledge, you’ll start to get ideas for other things you could try, too.  One new habit can lead to another!  Undriving wakes up our curiosity – and hearing stories of what other Undrivers are up to sparks new ideas in us for what we might try next.

We see this as an ongoing process of discovery – tuning in to the transportation heirarchy of our culture (cars first) and flipping that over.  This applies to both our own transportation choices wherever possible, and also to actions we can take to make the world friendlier for Undrivers everywhere.

Maybe your next Undriving pledge will have to do with advocacy for pedestrian-friendly streets, addressing traffic safety issues around your child’s school, or helping a friend fix up his old bike.  Or maybe you want to invite a neighbor to walk to the post office with you, which might just lead to a new habit for her.  The sky’s the limit!  There’s an infinite number of ways to take action to reduce car use on the planet.

What are YOU up to?  Share your Undriving story.

Thanks for Undriving!