Share Your Story

We love to hear stories from Undrivers:  what you are discovering, how Undriving enhances your life, adventures and encounters you wouldn’t have had if you were in a car, and funny experiences showing your license.  Your story can also benefit others – each story can spark ideas for other Undrivers, of what they can do.  Share your story, and you could wind up featured on our website or newsletter!

In addition, climate change, transportation options, and obesity are in the news on a daily basis these days – it’s easy to see how Undriving fits in. Your story could help us with media coverage, which can help us with funding, which can help us spread Undriving….you get the picture. Could you help us reach out to more Undrivers by sharing your story?

Here are some story ideas we are interested in:

  • Has the Undriving program helped you change a transportation pattern?  What did you discover?
  • Has Undriving on foot or bike helped you get fit, lose weight, or recover from illness?
  • Has sharing your Undriver License, or your experiences with Undriving, influenced someone else to make a change in their driving behavior?  Tell us!
  • Have you saved money, time, or gained peace of mind by Undriving?  What happened?
  • Do you have an unusual story to share about showing your Undriver License when asked for ID?
  • How about one of those great “Woulda-Missed-This-If-Driving” moments, that you could share in a few sentences? With a picture too?

We will share selected stories on our website, newsletter and in future video projects, and we’ll also keep a bank of stories that we can offer to the media.  (We would never put a reporter in touch with you without your agreement).