Bruce Cronquist: Kayak Commute, “Because I can”

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Undriver #4,825: Bruce Cronquist

Bruce got his Undriver License™ at the City of Redmond’s Eco-Fair this July, where he pledged to “Bug co-workers to bike more, use the connector bus, and try kayaking to work.”  So far he’s helped convert at least one co-worker into a regular bike commuter, and last month he did his Undriving Challenge commute: getting to work by kayak.  Here’s his report, in words and pictures.  Thanks, Bruce, for Undriving! -Julia Field

COMMUTE OPTIONS, by Bruce Cronquist

The American Way:
Driving 12 miles from home to work

My normal Undriving commute:
Drive 7 miles from home to where the roads are bike-friendly (for safety), and bike 6 miles from my truck to work.  A couple of times a week I bike a longer distance since I stop by the Library, do some shopping, and so on.

My Undriving™ Challenge commute:
Carpool 7 miles from home to a friend’s house on Lake Sammamish, paddle my homemade inflatable kayak from their house to Idylwood Park, pack my kayak in a backpack, and hike 3 miles (uphill both directions :) from the Idylwood Park to work.  Door to door, it only took me an extra half hour. Practical?  MaybePossible? Yes. More fun than normal?  Most definitely!

Packed up and ready to go

Will this thing float?

Ready to hit the water!

Made the crossing

Ready for the hike up the hill for work

Made it!

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