Biking to School – still at it!

April 1, 2013 by  
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Undriver Jake Palazzi checked in with us recently – to let us know he’s still on it with his Undriving pledge, two years and a new school later: “Bike to school every day when humanly possible.” Thanks for Undriving, Jake!

I got licensed at my middle school I think in 7th grade, two years ago after going to the Undriving assembly.  My middle school is Reeves in Olympia WA.  I biked pretty constantly in middle school, and I only lived about a mile away.  Now in high school I bike almost every day and go a total of five miles to get to my high school!  I love it and gives me a good way to cool down after my cross-country runs. Other perks are that biking to school gives me a great chance to enjoy the outdoors and talk to my friend Z who also bikes almost every day.  Overall it’s been a great experience and I’m glad I’m doing it!”

BIG THANKS to Intercity Transit, our Founding Licensing Partner in Olympia, WA, for getting out and about to schools, workplaces, and community events with their own Undriver Licensing™ Station!  They’ve licensed over 1,000 Undrivers so far.


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