Undriver #4,267: “My e-bike is my Excuse Eliminator”

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Undriver #4,267: “My e-bike is my Excuse Eliminator”

Undriver BOB EDMISTON commutes to work on a bike, clad in his business clothes, without sweating. How does he accomplish this seemingly impossible feat? Read on… By Amelia von Wolffersdorff Last summer at the Redmond Eco-fair, Bob got licensed to Undrive and pledged to eliminate driving trips by increasing the use of alternatives such as […]

Undriving does Bumbershoot!

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This Labor Day weekend, look for Undriving at Bumbershoot – our biggest event yet! The Undriver Licensing Station™ will be drawing the crowds at Seattle’s famous music and arts festival, September 3-5 from 11am-8pm.  Find us at the Seattle Center, gathered together with other exhibitors from the aLIVe project – a Low Impact Vehicle exploration, coordinated by […]

Undrivers Swap Advice on Biking With Babies

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Undriving’s Facebook community is a wealth of wisdom! You can post your Undriving questions and get useful responses from your fellow Undrivers. One mother recently asked for ideas on bicycling with her baby. Read on for the thread of replies posted on Undriving’s Facebook.  Undriving: Bike w/ baby? An Undriver with a 10-month-old is ready to […]