Glossary for Change

H E R E ‘ S   A   H E L P F U L  G L O S S A R Y :

undrive[uhn-drahyv] verb, undrove, undriv•ing
1. to travel by means other than causing and guiding the movement of a gas-powered, motorized vehicle: to undrive (ie, to walk, take the bus, ride a bike, carpool, skateboard, sail, ride an electric scooter, etc.)

2. to take action to influence others to reduce their car use (encouraging, assisting, sharing your stories of bike commuting or living without a car)

3. to make it easier for others to reduce their car use (advocating for pedestrian safety, serving on bicycle advocacy board, loaning a bike trailer, etc.)

Undriving (noun)
1. A nonprofit organization based in Seattle that effectively engages people to change their driving behavior and aims to flip the transportation heirarchy on this planet.

Undriver License (noun)
1. An ID-size card issued by us here at the Undriving organization. Your Undriver License has your name, photo and ways you like to get around that represent the pledge you’ve made to Undriving.  It reminds you of your pledge, and it also makes for a great conversation starter!  One Undriver reported, “I feel like you gave us permission to raise the issue with others.”  Yes!

We all know about carpooling and vanpooling….Undriving is also a big proponent of:

Bike-Pool (verb, noun)
1. To bicycle with others to the same destination.  (Tandem not required!)

Walk-Pool (verb, noun)
1. To walk with others to the same destination.

Bus-Pool (verb, noun)
1.  To travel by bus with one or more other people.