Undriving Team

Undriving runs on creativity, resourcefulness, and volunteer energy, no fossil fuels needed!  We are building our team to manage the growth of the Undriving movement and you can be part of it; contribute your talents, time or resources, contact us.


President and CEO
With more than 30 years of broad business experience in the USA and around the world, Mike sparks the imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness within our organization, helps us identify new opportunities, properly allocate resources, and build strategic plans to spread the Undriving message.  Through his travels, Mike has seen first hand the deleterious effect of the car culture, so he understands the importance of the Undriving message going global!
Current pledge: Spread the Undriving message across the U.S. – and beyond!

JOHN MIXON - Chairman, Board of Directors
John brings a diverse background ranging from engineering to marketing, finance to strategic planning.  As a finance leader, he’s driven complex, cross-functional planning processes aimed at aligning organizations for success.  As a marketer, he’s supported three highly recognizable brands (Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Microsoft, and T-Mobile) and helped jump-start a new brand in the social sector of India. He’s passionate about helping Undriving™ reach a global population because he believes that we can all make a huge difference in the world through simple changes in behavior.
Current Pledge: Ride bike from work at least 1 day a week through the cold, wet winter.  Brrr.

JENNY HEINS – Secretary, Board of Directors
Jenny currently serves as President of Sustainable Ballard, where Undriving was conceived. A Seattle leader in sustainability, Jenny serves as part of the leadership team of SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound) and as Regional Director for the Seattle Green Festival.  Jenny’s favorite form of Undriving is “Skip the Trip.” Working from home and growing her own food have saved countless miles.
Current Pledge:
Use the bus for every trip downtown.

DavidKaillDAVID KAILL – Treasurer, Board of Directors
David’s background includes stints as an illustrator, reporter, publisher, river guide, and pilot – in far flung places such as Alaska and China. More recently, he’s been a sales & marketing exec for tech companies large and small in the Seattle area. He’s a four–season bike commuter and firmly believes the Norse people are correct when they say “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.”
Current pledge: To transport 5,000 lbs. of cargo 1500 miles this year, by bicycle!


CYNTHIA LEVINE - Board of Directors
Originally from a small fishing village in Alaska, Cynthia had an early education in the awesome power of nature. As a resourceful jane-of-many-trades, she has since put her energy and versatility to work in several diverse industries. From Fortune 100 to non-profits, she’s worked domestically and internationally as a production coordinator, project manager, and business owner.  In her favorite city of Seattle, Cynthia regularly undrives by walking, busing, biking and generally using the car as little as possible.
Current Pledge:
Take our 2-year-old daughter on her first week-long kayak trip!


JODI NEWTON – Board of Directors
Jodi became an (unlicensed!) Undriver in 1998, when she sold her car while scraping together cash to buy a home.  Surprisingly, life without a car was simpler, less expensive and more enjoyable. Now, she’s a passionate Undriver that takes an investigative approach to riding public transit in other cities and countries, looking for great ideas. Prior to joining Nordstrom in 1992, she worked as a fundraiser for WSU’s College of Business and has since supported many community efforts to fund and build a learning garden, provide clothing for homeless kids, plant trees and promote rain gardens. Jodi believes in the power of Undriving to change habits for life, no matter how small the first step.  She joined to help Undriving expand across the country and beyond.
Current Pledge:  Do all of my family’s grocery shopping on foot or by bike.

STEVE VERHEY, PhD – Strategic Advisor
Steve has been involved with renewable energy, community activism, and education for over 10 years. His sustainability think tank, the Cascadia Carbon Institute, is internationally known for its work on biofuels. His work on biofuels has helped him understand how critically important it is to support reduction of car travel, and his work in education has given him insights into how to approach this problem. He sees Undriving as a key piece of the solution.
Current Pledge: Walk downtown instead of driving, every time.

JACK TOMKINSON – Executive Director, Urban Sparks (fiscal sponsor)
As director of Urban Sparks, Jack helps community groups launch and successfully accomplish projects for the public good.  Urban Sparks is Undriving’s 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor and is presently leading the creation of Service House, affordable housing for nonprofit workers.  He thinks Undriving could sweep the world with an online licensing system that other organizations can tap into, and invites others to join in to make that happen.  A home office, email and phone help Jack avoid travel.  When required, it’s bicycle, walk, or motorcycle – or when hauling stuff or people, maybe a car.  He loves biking in the quiet of night.


Julia’s diverse professional background includes art, graphic design, creative direction, editing, publishing, interactive media, non-profit management, grantwriting, coaching, and facilitation. All of these come into play with Undriving.™ Her trusty 1987 Civic was good for another 100K miles when it was totalled in 2004 – offering Julia the opportunity to discover the joys of living without a car, much to her surprise. (Read her story here.) A few years later she found her true calling, coining the term Undriving™ and inventing the Undriver License™ to spark curiosity and drive behavior change in others.
Current Pledge: Loan out my bike trailer (so someone else can see how handy it is!)