Our Approach

Undriving has a universal appeal that makes behavior change a snap.

Our approach to reducing car use is unique in many ways:

  • Undriving is engaging: The process of getting an Undriver License™ invites self-expression and play, and allows people to be seen. People choose from a set of hats and Undriving props for their photos, and select their own ‘Undorsements’ for their license (walk, bike, bus, carpool, telecommute, ‘skip the trip,’ etc.).
  • Undriving is for everyone: The Undriver License is a great equalizer: we are all Undrivers, whether we commute 100 miles a day or don’t own a car – and there is always more we can each do.  Kids love getting licensed, and seeing that they can influence family car use. And people who already Undrive a lot get empowered to help others join them!
  • Undriving is self-directed: People devise their own pledges. We simply ask questions, offer suggestions, or share stories of other Undrivers’ experiences.  The pledge is a commitment to take on an experiment – and see what happens.  (Is the bus too inconvenient? While it might indeed take longer, many have discovered they arrive at work more relaxed, save money on parking, and get to know neighbors at the bus stop.)
  • Undriving is contagious: The license itself serves as a tangible reminder of the Undriver’s commitment, and can also be used to spark conversation with others about reducing car use in a non-judgmental way.  One Undriver reported, “I felt like we were given permission to raise the issue with others.”  We like to think that each license is like a stone in the pond, with untold potential ripples.  We’re all in this together!
  • Undriving is liberating: Undrivers reduce their CO2 emissions, but equally importantly, they discover the many joys of Undriving, some of them surprising: saving money, better health, more exercise, less stress, more connection with community, even more time.
  • Undriving is an ongoing practice: Getting licensed is just the beginning.  As we hear stories of others’ experiences and discoveries, and share our own, we can continue to make changes in our daily lives to live more sustainably. (For instance:  Though I don’t have a car, I recently realized that when a friend comes to pick me up to go out together, those are ‘my’ miles.  Now I bike or bus to meet up and leave from there, or even better, suggest that we ‘bike-pool,’ ‘bus-pool,’ or ‘walk-pool’ to our destination.)

The values fueling the Undriving program are playfulness, creativity, self-expression, optimism, self-determination, community, resourcefulness, and curiosity.