Undriving™ sparks people’s curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness to reconsider transportation choices and experiment with more active transportation modes.

This highly popular community-generated effort has garnered international attention and is spreading beyond our home base of Seattle (click here for information about our Official Licensing Partner program!).  We issue Undriver Licenses™ to people who design a 30-day pledge to reduce their car use.  Undriving changes people’s perception that they need to drive: More than 70 percent of Undrivers surveyed established a new transportation habit.  It’s also a natural conversation-starter:  83 percent report showing their licenses or talking with others about Undriving.

Undriving inspires and celebrates transportation innovation.  What creative possibilities come into view when we look beyond our assumptions?  How can we combine low-impact modes to create viable new options? What discoveries await when we use our bodies instead of cars, to get us where we need to go?  Join us! Over 15,000 Undrivers licensed so far.

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