A Lovely Day for an Undrive

October 29, 2011 by  
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What to do on an unexpectedly lovely sunny day in October?  Go for an Undrive, of course!  The number 8 bus took me down to Othello Station, where I dropped in on Dick and Mona at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  From there I got on the Light Rail to downtown, got off in the Nordstrom basement (there’s an entrance to the store directly from the station – I didn’t even have to go outside).  Then why not?  I’m already at Nordstrom – I went up to Customer Service where a friendly guy named Todd listened to my plea for Undriving directioins to the store.  He tells me he takes the bus to work and totally understands my position and for sure will follow up.

From there I got on the 43 to head home, along with a bunch of peole heading to the Husky game.  They all get to ride free by showing their tickets to the game!

Now it’s time to make my final push for the Undrive-a-Th

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